Virginia Librarians are #VAASLREADY

The #VAASLREADY page has information and resources about reopening schools in the fall.


Member Spotlight Podcasts

A conversation with Lisa Gibson, Shenandoah Region Librarian of the Year

A conversation with Kim Allen, Rappahannock Region Librarian of the Year

A conversation with Nathan Sekinger, Rappahannock Director-Elect


Listen to more conversations with VAASL members on Anchor. Or, now on Spotify, just search for "VAASL."


What is advocacy?

On-going process of building partnerships so that others will act for and with you, turning passive support into educated action for the library program.

It begins with a vision and a plan for the library program that is then matched to the agenda and priorities of stakeholders.


Three Strands for Advocacy

  • Individual
  • Organizational
  • Legislative

Advocate at the State Level

  1. Get to know your legislator
  2. Know the issues
  3. Tell Your Library’s Story
  4. Schedule an appointment with your legislator
  5. Invite your legislator to your school

Advocacy Spotlights

Fill out the VAASL Advocacy Spotlight form and volunteer to advocate for libraries by sharing the great things you do!


Building Relationships


ALA Advocacy Toolkit

 ALA Position Statements

Who are your (state) Legislators?