VAASL condemns all forms of racism.  We support the education of all students in a respectful, safe learning environment.

VAASL Board Election

It is our pleasure to announce the results of the 2020 VAASL Election. I want to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to serve our professional organization.  

VAASL President Elect: Judy Deichman
VAASL Treasurer: Tonia Eriksen
Clinch Director-Elect: Brenda Sprinkle
James Director-Elect:Lara Ivey
Potomac Director-Elect: Gretchen Hazlin
Rappahannock Director-Elect: Kimberly Allen
Roanoke Director-Elect: Haley Walters
Shenandoah Director-Elect: Jennifer Bracken
York Director-Elect: Kristy Haight

Judy Deichman, President Elect Tonia Eriksen, VAASL Treasurer Brenda Sprinkle, Clinch Region Lara Ivey, James Gretchen Hazlin, Potomac Kimberly Allen, Rappahannock Haley Walters, Roanoke Jennifer Bracken, Shenandoah Kristy, Haight, York