Virginia Legislation

Virginia General Assembly

The Virginia General Assembly session is one of the shortest legislative seasons in the nation. Keeping updated during this time is critical for VAASL's advocacy efforts. Legislation affecting the students of Virginia can move quickly through the General Assembly, for their benefit or detriment.

The General Assembly meets beginning the second Wednesday of January. The session lasts for 30 days in odd-numbered years and 60 days in even-numbered years. The session can be extended for an optional 30 days.

Tracking Virginia Legislation

If you have a concern about how a bill will affect students in Virginia schools through library programs, please contact VAASL's Legislative Chairperson.

Information about bills can be accessed at Virginia's Legislative Information System.

Committees relating to Education

Senate Finance Education Subcommittee

House Appropriations Elementary & Secondary Subcommittee

House Education Committee

Senate Education and Health Committee

My Legislators

At Who's My Legislator, quickly identify your Virginia representatives and your representatives in Congress. When advocating for Virginia's students, it is particularly helpful for constituents in the districts of the committee members to make contact and to share personal stories about the potential impact of the legislation on students.