The mission of the Virginia Association of School Librarians is to be the recognized voice for excellence in Virginia’s school libraries, promoting lifelong learning and academic success of all students.


Strategic Plan, 2017-2019

Goal 1: VAASL advocates for collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure student academic success.

  • Provide membership with online resources and information to other professional organizations on VAASL website, listserv, social media, and VOICE publication
  • Develop an infographic linking SOLs, school libraries and academic achievement.
  • Encourage outreach to school superintendents, local and state school boards, and other stakeholders.
  • Provide library advocacy resources for librarians to engage stakeholders in conversations.

Goal 2: VAASL advocates for the implementation of AASL Standards

  • Educate members through the tools and materials provided by AASL. 

  • Create opportunities for the membership to share examples of standards and guidelines in action.

  • Provide resources to engage in conversations about the evaluation process of school librarians according to the AASL standards.

Goal 3: VAASL identifies best practices and advocates for the development and support of the school library as a learning community.

  • Support the creation of student-centered library programs and collections. 

  • Utilize data and research findings to demonstrate the impact of the library program on student growth. 

  • Identify and recommend state and national information literacy benchmarks.

  • Partner with stakeholders to model and teach the concepts of digital citizenship. 

  • Provide professional development on best practices for school library programs.

Goal 4: VAASL develops leaders through professional communication, collaboration and growth.

  • Actively recruit stakeholders to become contributors to VAASL, eg. through our membership drive and collaboration with other state associations.
  • Encourage members to be active participants in other professional organizations which support school libraries by providing links on website, list-serv, and social media.
  • Regularly encourage participation and leadership development opportunities to the membership.