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 Subject : Weed or not to Weed.. 11/18/2019 03:47:11 PM 
Stephanie James
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Ok. At home, I am a 'Keep it simple kinda' gal. At school, I am a brand new, high school librarian (All of my 23 years of experience is in Elementary ed) and I don't know what to keep and what to weed. So I may have become a hoarder here! Help! Any thoughts?

I am in a library with a lot of older books. The average age of my library is 1972. There isn't a very big reading culture here. Honestly, I have 1 student checking books out regularly. I have 2 students that checked out books for a Spanish project. I have 4 students on English MACC that have checked out books, but that is it. I want to develop a reading culture but my area isn't very big, so I need to get rid of some books to make room.

I have lots of novel studies (approx 37) but only 2 have been used. They are housed in plastic tubs and stacked on top of my bookshelves. I provided the teachers a list of them and they were excited, but everyone pretty much has what they need. These are older-most are classics and great reads, but no one is reading them. I don't have any good place to house them. What do you do with novel studies? Do you have them?

Also, What about reference books? We subscribe to GALE resources, so we have that. We have compilations of British Writers, Poetry, American writers dated 1979-2002. We have 40 dictionaries. They are anywhere from 1997-2004.We have Thesaurus' from 1989-2004. Should I get rid of them and replace? I feel like I don't need 40. Most of the teachers allow the students to use an online dictionary. One of the teachers has checked out 20 of the 40 I have in the collection.

We are a small county. I have 7th-12th and the Elementary Librarian has
PreK-6th, so I don't really have anyone to ask. Any ideas?
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