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Advocacy resources to help promote the value of your school library program

VAASL Voices database
Looking for someone to present at your conference? Here's a database of VAASL members who have created presentations for other professional organizations' conferences.

Conference database
Interested in presenting at a conference? Here's a database with information on the conferences of other Virginia education associations.


AASL Advocacy Webpage
AASL Toolkits

Advocacy Toolkit
Collection of ready-to-use tools to conduct an advocacy campaign-large or small-for school library media programs.

Crisis Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to assist you as you build meaningful and effective support for saving your program.

Parent Outreach Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to help school library media specialists gain parent support in their programs.
School Library Media Program Health and Wellness Toolkit
This toolkit provides resources to help you build stakeholder support and true advocacy.
ALA Advocacy University
Resources, courses and tools to help library advocates make the case at the local level.
ALA’s School Library Campaign
Toolkit for School Library Programs

School Library Media Programs and Academic Achievement
A bibliography of research studies examining the impact of school library media programs on academic achievement, compiled by David V. Loertscher
Website for Powering Achievement 2nd Edition: School Library media Programs Make a Difference by Keith Lance and David V. Loertscher
Website to accompany the book, including PowerPoint presentations and slides
KASL Advocacy Initiatives
Helpful links for promoting your library program from the Kansas Association of School Librarians
Advocacy: Promotion, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing
A guide to library promotion from the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University/Purdue University
Advocacy for School Library Media Teachers
Advocacy resources from San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science
Resources for School Librarians – Library Promotion
Websites, events, books and more to help promote your library
Library Advocacy
Advocacy resources from the Sonoma County Office of Education
Library Advocate
Check this blog out for some advocacy ideas


“21st Century Media Center” - this video, a collaboration between the Library of Michigan and the Michigan Association for Media in Education, shows the difference school libraries make in education. 

Eye on the Tigers - Nationally acclaimed author Laurie Halse Anderson spoke to students at Mexico High School's Pierce Library about the importance of school libraries.

“What does a Teacher Librarian really do?” -  Video on the many roles of teacher librarians.

“Circulate This! Stories from the School Library: Strong school libraries build strong students and lifelong learners” - Audio journal capturing stories from teachers, school administrators, children’s authors, legislators, parents, and students about how school libraries and librarians make a difference in the lives of children.  

“Imagine Strong School Libraries” – remix of John Lennon’s classic, sung by the Springfield Township High School show choir, showing the importance of school libraries

Videos from “School Library InfoTech Programs: Tapestry of Effective Practice” ning, including many advocacy videos.

Video/slideshow by Joyce Valenza on the need for school librarians

SLJ Summit: Peter Pearson provided a talk on advocacy: "Just Because They Love You Doesn't Mean They'll Fund You."

Videos from the Connecticut Association of School Librarians, including many on advocacy

“Advocacy on the Frontlines with Connie Williams” – video of presentation from ALA Midwinter 3/8/2010

Carolyn Logue, lobbyist for the Washington Library Media Association, shares advice on how to effectively advocate for school library programs.

“Fate or Future of School Libraries” -   Video on the benefits of school libraries and support of the SKILLs Act

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Last Updated: Saturday, January 28, 2012